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Thanks for your interest in our Distribution Network for Fair Trade Handmade Hair & Fashion Accessories. We are a Humanitarian Fundraising Collective.

This is a Membership Community where you can SHOP for fair trade products, EARN refer-a-friend reward dollars through affiliate marketing and LEARN our specialized sales training for product vendors at markets, festivals and events.


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THIS HUMANITARIAN FUNDRAISING COLLECTIVE is for socially conscious people who want to financially support leaders in their community, and get paid for their efforts, while also making impact eradicating global poverty by distributing fair trade products made by the poorest people in the world.


SUPERHEROES FOR SOCIAL ENTERPRISE are socially conscious people whostart refer-a-friend fundraising businesses, and get paid for inviting community leaders to participate in the village to vendor pipeline.  in the win-win-win-win fundraising programs, that involve distribution of fiar


The reason why Inspirit Arts has created this profitable opportunity for aspiring social entrepreneurs like you, is because one of the best ways to stimulate economies in developing countries, is to help village artisans sell their products.  What they need most is customers, so we'll pay you a sales commission every time you refer-a-friend that spends on products or sales training.


is to help people help people through a win-win-win situation for everybody connected to The Village to Vendor Pipeline.  for eradicating global poverty and hunger, is to train a massive army of affiliate marketers and product vendors how to attract customers for quality fashion made by the poorest people in the world.


is to encourage you to add another stream of income for your business or community fundraiser.  We bent over backwards to make starting a fair trade social enterprise as easy as possible.  Now you can improve the public image of your brand with a humanitarian facelift, without starting from scratch or doing all the ground work yourself.


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TESTIMONIAL:  University Student Phillip Tyler says...

"If you ever get an opportunity to work with Ms. Harmon in any capacity, take it. She is literally worth more than her weight in gold. You will not regret it. Ms. Harmon is a wizardI was a last minute recruit at a festival, and had no prior sales experience. I would not describe myself as a particularly outgoing or sociable person, so I was extremely apprehensive about approaching strangers to make a sale. After only forty minutes of focused coaching, Ms. Harmon had me drumming up more business than I ever thought possible—even the vendors at the surrounding tents were flabbergasted. I received two job offers within two hours of working for her! I lost count of how many customers complimented me on my salesmanship. I can only credit Ms. Harmon’s vending system for these dramatic results."


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